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Our Background

Our founder and director, Melissa Authement, has 18 years of experience effectively teaching and assessing children and adolescents. Melissa earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from McNeese State University. She became a Special Education Teacher, then later earned her Master's degree in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). As a Licensed, Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA), Melissa passionately continues to provide her expertise and services to individuals with different abilities through evidence-based ABA principles.


LINKS ABA Therapy's mission is to provide every individual with a comprehensive program, given their unique and individual needs with emphasis on achievement and maximizing individual potential in every environment.


At LINKS, we develop a treatment approach for each individual, which focuses on minimizing challenging behaviors and maximizing skill acquisition. Every individual entering our program comes with unique needs; therefore, we focus on developing long-term goals that are important for each individual and their family. The ultimate goal is to build relationships, teach independence and appropriate social skills, and develop daily functional skills.


Our vision at LINKS ABA Therapy is to create lasting change throughout the lives of our clients who are affected by cognitive and behavioral challenges while working closely with family, teachers, and other professionals involved in providing care.


We, at LINKS, seek to maintain naturalistic settings for learners. Our highly-trained staff is committed to providing every individual a comprehensive program, given their unique and individual needs. Our emphasis is always client achievement and maximizing individual potential in their home, school, and community to create lasting change throughout their lives. At LINKS, we work with children and adults who, due to different abilities, need collaboration in developing everyday skills that allow them to function more independently at home, school, or work.

  • Early Intensive Intervention (EIBI)

  • Social Skills

  • Functional Communication Training

  • Feeding and Toileting Interventions

  • Parent (Family) Training

  • Daily Living Skills

  • Play Skills

  • Motor Skills

  • Task Analysis Skills

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Located in Lake Charles, LA and serving surrounding areas of Southwest Louisiana: Dequincy, DeRidder, Kinder, Lake Charles, Longville, Merryville, Oberlin, Ragley, Reeves, Singer, Sulphur, Westlake, and more!

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